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It has been more than 2 months since we visited and I am flying out today again but finally after a busy year, I  am able  blog our trip to Paris. I feel so lucky to have visited this beautiful city with my amazing husband. with 4 full days and our hearts wanting to take in every detail we decided to walk 20 miles per day and barely noticed the distance.  It was an amazing experience and left us with a lot of inspirations.

We started almost every day with Arc de Triomphe since our Airbnb was really close to here and then we walked down to Champ Elysees.


Even just walking down on the streets felt so good in this city.


Then we headed to Louvre Museum. This place is huge and if you wanna see everything, you can easily spend a full day here.























































































We saw Mona Lisa and it was so worth it.


Of course we had to take some photos in Louvre Museum because who wouldn’t use this amazing place in their photos.


Fresh baguettes in the morning, yes please!








Or french breakfast with a fresh cup of coffee in a nice cafe.


Luxembourg gardens is one of the places you have to see when you visit Paris.


We trusted and gave our camera to some friendly tourists to take our photos, explained them quickly how to use it and look at them, beautiful photos. Now, I will appreciate these photos forever.







Of course,  cafes are everywhere in Paris. It is a culture.





And also macarons

Oldest English book store in Paris, Shakespeare and Company, perfect place to go in and get lost in time with books.






And the details, there were details everywhere that can inspire you.








And Eiffel Tower the first place that will come to your mind when you say France. It is absolutely stunning. We went to see Eiffel Tower twice. First time in late afternoon, evening time when I had an inspiration shot. You can find and see photos from that shoot by clicking here.



Eddie made me go in the road so he can take a good photo of me with Eiffel tower at the background. My husband and his visions…


Second time, we went  to Eiffel Tower was really early in the morning with sunrise so we can enjoy this place without the crowd and get some photos. If you would like to take photos in Eiffel Tower, best time is the sunrise for sure.



Oh and Statue of Liberty. Yes, Paris has one too. It is not as big and glamorous as New York but it was nice to see it in Paris.

Whenever Eddie saw the Eiffel tower somewhere from the city, he made me stand in front and took a photo of it! 😀














We headed to  Palace of versailles in our third day and we spent almost all of our day here and maybe just half of it we were able to see. It is beautiful and such a big place. I also had an anniversary session of beautiful couple here and if you want to see the photos of that session, you can click here.




Thank to our couple who we had session with,  we gave them the camera and they snapped couple photo of us.



We had to taste the crepes everywhere we go.




On our last day we headed to Montmartre where Moulin Rouge is.

We went the Cafe des 2 Moulins  where the movie “Amélie” took place. The place is quite touristic of course but if you watched and loved the movie “Amélie”, then it is a must.


Notre Dame Cathedral, another a must place in Paris.


Oh fresh flowers everywhere… You know how much I love fresh flowers.


Oldest cafe in Paris, Le Procope.


And this Carousel right in front of the Eiffel Tower, It was so fun to ride like a kid.






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